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Parlor is Cornwall’s Lux hair destination, combining beautiful products, highly skilled stylists in a space designed to help you relax, switch off and leave feeling the best you’ve ever felt! Opened in January 2022 by Jessie, a highly experienced hair dresser who has worked globally in the industry for 14 years.

What to book


Are you super low maintenance? Do you love a natural lived-in feel to your blonde? Do you like keeping your root for depth and contrast? You are a balayage babe! 

Now.. depending on how long ago you had your colour done and what your goal is will depend on how much time your colourist needs. If you just feel a little freshen up is all you need, bringing the blonde a bit higher and getting the tone and depth back into your ends then you probably just need an infill. This is a top up service and will get you feeling fresh again. 

However, if the last time you had your hair done was 4 months ago or more, you’re gonna need a little extra. A full balayage will overhaul your hair and work from front to back, root to tip . This service is also great for those working towards going lighter, who feel like they’re ready to be blonder!

Foils / Highlights

There are so many different option when it comes to foils, and they all have different results. This is something you can discuss with your hairdresser on the day, the only thing you need to know is, 1/4 head, 1/2 head or full head?


Here’s the difference:


1/4 head works mainly on your part and 2 or 3 foils scattered through your hairline, this is a great option if you are time conscious, or know you’re not 100% ready for your usual appointment but are going away and need a little something.

1/2 head works from ear to ear, just below your crown, it covers everything you see, but doesn’t do any of the underneath. This works well if you’re maintaining a colour you’re happy with and just need your roots done or prefer a more subtle look by scattering a 1/2 worth of foils through the entire hair. If your hair is dark underneath, you may need to upgrade to a full head every 3rd appointment to keep your colour even and natural.

Full head works through the entirety of your hair, no section is left behind. This is great if you’re wanting to alter your colour or if you wanna be a super fresh bright blonde babe. We foil from hairline to hairline and pack them in through the part, ensuring an even and balanced colour from every angle!

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Do I need a toner?

The answer is YES HONEY!
Every beautiful colour is made even more perfect with a toner, whether you’re blonde, brunette or a red head a toner can elevate your colour.

Toners work by enhancing or neutralising tone, think yellow to creamy, ash blonde or faded brown to rich and glossy! Sometimes, if you feel you need your colour done because it’s gone a little flat, lifeless, dull, you may just need a toner. They sit on the surface of your hair, reflecting light and adding depth and shine. A good toner will also nourish your hair adding condition and hydration. 

A toner is usually a 15 minute service, can be done at the basin and is a great option to add on to your blow dry or cut in between your colour appointment!


Meet Jessie

Our passion for hair is something we talk about 
non-stop, and clients will feel throughout their appointment.


Whether it’s that insta-worthy balayage, perfecting your haircut or creating your bridal hair of dreams, we never get bored of it. We pledge to always stay up to date with education and to take  inspiration from my gorgeous clients and global trends, fashion week etc.

Book with us to guarantee low maintenance, healthy beautiful hair, better than it’s ever been before!

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Product Guide
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Meet Brooke

Brooke is a passionate hairdresser with a passion for creating seamless blondes.

Influenced by her time spent in sydney and ibiza, Brooke's style is lived-in, laid back effortless colour teamed with super healthy hair.

Brooke can be booked every Friday when she pops over to see us from her usual hair home, Curious hair studio in plymouth.

Brooke shares our love for Kevin Murphy colour and products and has worked with the brand for several years.

Book with Brooke for an incredible colour/cut experience.   

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